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Buy spill pallets for your factories or industrial plants

Spill containment pallets are commonly seen in industrial plants which work with hazardous chemicals and oil on a regular basis. These spill pallets are basically the containers which help in controlling leakages and spills from fluid drums. These pallets are available in different sizes, so you can buy the one which suits your needs.

The importance of spill containment pallets

If you run an industrial plant where you need to manage numerous drums filled with flammable chemicals or liquids, then you’ll require spill pallets for protection of the surrounding area. The main function of spill pallets is to contain the chemicals that could potentially leak or spill. These spill pallets are made from high density polyethylene which helps in absorbing liquids.

Most of the spill containment pallets have removable poly gates which help in cleaning the spill or leak as soon as possible. In addition to this, these pallets are lockable to prevent unauthorised access. Spill pallets are also water-proof which offers more protection against the weather. As they are made from polyethylene, this prevents corrosion and rust.

Due to their popularity, you will find that spill pallets are available for different types of drums, so you can buy the one which exactly suits your requirements. Some of the latest spill pallets also have an option of drain plug which drains sumps easily and quickly.

Always ensure the pallets meet all the EPA regulations. This will help achieve the correct level of health and safety conditions required across you factory site.

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