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Bunded waste oil storage containers

Waste oil needs to be disposed of in the correct manner. So, if you are the owner of a garage or manage an industrial site, you need a method to store the vast quantity of waste oil you accumulate, before it can be taken away for processing. The best way to do this to meet the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 is to use a bunded waste oil tank.

Bunded waste oil tanks are specially made to store waste oil. And because of their super strong construction, they can be used in just about any industrial or commercial establishment.

Corrosion free waste oil tanks

Polyethylene waste oil tanks are virtually maintenance free and can withstand even the harshest of environments. Because they are made out of polyethylene, they are also completely corrosion free so are guaranteed for ten years. Bunded polyethylene waste oil tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your application and dependant on the size, can store quantities of waste oil of up to 5,000 litres. Most polyethylene waste oil tanks also have a bund capacity of 110%.

Steel waste oil tanks

Steel waste oil tanks can be made to store more waste oil than their polyethylene counterparts. In fact, some steel waste oil containers have a capacity of about 50,000 litres. They are made to comply with all current oil storage regulations and like polyethylene containers, have a 110% bund capacity.

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