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Bunded tank refurbishment

It may not always have to be the case that an existing fuel tank on site will have to be replaced when it seems to have got to the end of its usable life. Fuel tanks can now be refurbished and bunds repaired so that the expense of buying and installing a new tank is completely removed.

If it is impossible to remove a fuel tank due to prior installations around the tank area you may have little option but to opt for bund lining. And in many cases installing a new bund liner is far more cost-effective than investing in a replacement tank.

New bund lining procedures use a GRP lining system which encases the previous bund material. The installation of this new material can even mean that some older bunds can be brought up-to-date with new regulations.

If you are unsure whether a bund liner would be appropriate for your tank, it’s important to have a comprehensive survey of the existing tank installation to find out your available options. The survey will detail the tanks current condition and the potential costs for it to be relined.

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