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Bunded tank lining

A quick look online is enough to see that there many different types of bunded tanks available. From bunded tanks made in steel, to tanks in weather resistant polyethylene, they are available in many different sizes and can even be custom built for your specific application. However, if you have already got a bunded tank on site and are only replacing it because it is in a poor state of repair, have you considered relining the bund in the tank?

Some tanks can be serviced, repaired if necessary and relined, which is the perfect way to save money instead of spending heavily on a new installation.

Bund refurbishment

In some situations where equipment has been installed around the existing bunded tank, it may be impossible to remove the old tank without having a serious impact on your business. In situations like this, you can refurbish your old tank instead of paying for the decommissioning, removal, manufacture, and installation of a new bunded tank.

Some old systems can be upgraded with the installation of a new GRP lining system, bringing the bund up to current legal requirements. The bund refurbishment company will conduct a brief survey of your existing bunded tank to check for suitability.

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