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Bunded tank essentials

The Oil Storage Regulations 2001 are very strict concerning the way you store liquids at your industrial site. It’s not simply a case of storing a liquid in any vessel once it has been delivered. It must be stored in a vessel which meets certain regulations pertaining to what type of liquid it is and what the consequences would be if it leaked.

Many liquids which need to be stored in bulk quantities will have to be stored in a bunded tank. A bunded tank is simply a tank which has a secondary containment area where the tank’s liquid contents can be collected or contained if the primary storage area fails.

Some bunded tanks can be fitted with tank alarms to warn you if the primary bund has failed and some can be supplied with pumps, so the liquid can be pumped into and out of the tank on demand.

Whether a bunded tank is used to store fuel, such as oil or diesel, or it is used to store waste oil until it can be collected and disposed of safely; the right bunded tank must be used and it must be checked on a regular basis to make sure the chances of a spill to the environment are negligible.

Speak to your bunded tank supplier about your specific requirements.

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