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Bunded storage solutions and storage facilities

Bunded storage facilities are really important at an industrial site. The safety of employees and the environment is paramount, and anything that helps a company to further improve safety is essential.

As part of the oil storage regulations 2001, oil storage at an industrial site should be in a bunded container. So an industrial user may need industrial IBC stores, chemical stores or bunded drum stores as part of its liquid storage set-up.

Drum storage solutions

If you need to store oil drums at your industrial site, you have a wide range of drum storage options to choose from.

Steel bunded drum stores are a highly effective way to store drums. They are available in forms that can store just one drum securely, to storage solutions that can cater for up to 96 drums. Being manufactured in steel they are extremely robust and will hence give you many years of use.

Some bunded storage containers are suitable for flammable liquids and can be locked. Some have a mesh structure that allows air circulation and splash protection walls.

If you need a bunded storage solution and are unsure what type of equipment would be the most suitable, it’s important to get in touch with a company who specialises in bunded storage as they will be able to advise you on current products and current legislation.

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