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Bunded storage facilities

There are many different types of liquid storage containers. However, those that contain substances that may be hazardous to health or the environment have to comply with certain regulations so they can be classed as being safe to use. Different liquid storage options include:

Bunded storage

Bunded storage provides a storage facility that does not just provide a place to put your liquid containers; it also provides a bund which can hold the contents of the containers if they are damaged, so that they will not escape to the surrounding environment. Bunded storage enclosures are made especially to hold liquid drums or IBCs.

Bunded tanks and single skin tanks

Bunded tanks can be either made from polyethylene or steel and comply with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001. The tanks have a bund that is usually 110% larger then the capacity of the tank so they can stop the liquid spilling if the inner tank fails.

Single skin tanks are suitable for storage of domestic heating oil and fuel oil. There are regulations where a single skin tank can be sited because it does not have a bund, so you need to contact a spill control advisor before purchasing a tank.

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