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Bunded spill pallets

Every industrial site has to store some sort of liquid containers in a secure compound. Whether the liquid is a highly volatile chemical or simply lubrication oil, which is needed for the maintenance of machinery used on site, it needs to be kept somewhere safe.

Using sump pallets or spill pallets is always a good idea when storing liquid storage drums or IBCs. The spill containment device will be able to catch drips or leaks from the drums and may even contain the complete contents of a drum should a spill occur. This prevents the solution from damaging the surrounding environment and enables quick clean-up of the spill.

Spill pallets

Spill pallets are durable enough to cope with the rigours of an industrial setting and can be purchased to store a single drum or even multiple drums. Some pallets also come with integral storage covers, to protect the drums from inclement weather conditions, so the sump will not fill with rain water when the storage device is used outdoors.

Most spill pallets are made from polyethylene and have forklift pockets under the sump so they can be moved safely. When choosing, make sure you choose a pallet that conforms to the latest oil storage regulations.

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