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Bunded oil tanks- their uses and benefits

Bunded oil tanks are utilised for transporting fuels, and they are vital in ensuring that fuel is transported safely and that the risks of fuel leaks are kept to a minimum.

By offering a safe method of transporting fuel, these tanks also ensure that health and safety regulations are adhered to. Transporting fuel without adhering to regulations could see you facing an extremely sticky legal situation and a hefty fine- which is not the most ideal situation for any organisation.

One of the main advantages which bunded fuel tanks offer over standard fuel carriers is their ability to carry much larger volumes of liquid- which can therefore help to cut costs for businesses.

Investing in the correct type of bunded oil tank is therefore of extreme importance, and research does need to be undertaken to ensure that the right type of tank is chosen.

Once you have invested in tanks, you then need to ensure that you handle them correctly, and those who are responsible for handling tanks should be fully trained and confident in their use.

Although bunded fuel tanks offer a highly secure way of transporting fuel, it’s also a very good idea to boost this even further through the use of spill control and containment products.

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