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Bunded liquid storage tanks

Bunded liquid storage tanks have the added benefit of having a second skin, which can act as a spill control method if the inner skin of the tank fails. The tank’s second skin can hold the liquid contents of the tank and prevent leakage of the liquid into the surrounding environment.

Bunded oil tanks

Oil tanks that have a secondary containment device (bund) can store domestic heating oil and also fresh oil so it can be used when needed.

Bunded fuel tanks

These fuel tanks are the perfect way to store diesel or kerosene at an industrial site. They come in different sizes so can hold varying capacities of the liquid fuel.

Bunded waste oil tanks

Waste oil tanks that have a bund are a prerequisite at every vehicle service centre. They can hold used oil until it can be pumped away and disposed of properly.

All bunded tanks should meet the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 and be manufactured with a bund capacity which is 10% more than the capacity of the tank, so they will always be able to contain the full tank contents.

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