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Bunded fuel tanks - the basics

Many industrial premises store fuel or oil for industrial processes. And to do this they need an appropriate liquid storage solution. With the stringent Oil Storage regulations 2001 to follow, many sites need recommendations on how they can adhere to the rules and get a storage solution which works for them.

To comply with the oil storage regulations, many sites now have to use bunded tanks. The bunk in the tank acts as a second skin and can actually collect all the stored liquid if the internal skin fails. A bund in a bunded tank will usually have the capacity of 110% of the original tank capacity, so even if all the contents of the tank were to leak, they would be contained and not spill into the surrounding environment.

Bunded tanks are usually manufactured from either steel or polypropylene and can be used for the safe storage and dispensing of oils, chemicals or even heating fuels. The tanks can even be used to store used or waste oil until it can be collected and sent for processing.

There is a huge range of different sized tanks available for just about every application. And if a site needs a special size or a bespoke solution, there are firms out there who provide this service.

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