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Bunded fuel tanks are perfect for storing different types of fluids

Bunded fuel tanks are one of the best ways to store fuels, chemicals and other hazardous fluids. These fuel tanks have inner tanks which provide double protection. This design makes them different and more efficient than other storage tanks. If you have a factory or industry plant where you need to store different chemicals then get bunded fuel tanks as they prevent leakages and spillages.

The latest bunded fuel tanks have electrically-operated pumps which help in shutting off the nozzles, dispensing hoses and sockets.

Various benefits offered by bunded fuel tanks

These fuel tanks are appropriate for diesel and gas oil. At present, bunded fuel tanks are available in different sizes which range from 1000 to 2500 litres. As they are constructed with steel, they offer complete security and they can also withstand harsh environmental conditions. Newer tanks also have lockable cabinets with a lock cover which prevents many kinds of leakages.

Apart from different sizes, these tanks are also available in several colours such as yellow, red and green.

When buying, you need to make sure that the tanks are not only bunded up to certain level. So, install bunded fuel tanks in your working area instead of single skinned storage tanks.

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