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Bunded drum storage solutions

On a massively smaller scale than the environmental disaster that is looming on the East coast of the USA, it is still important for industrial users to do everything they can to contain any oil spills that might take place at there work site. The control of liquid and gases that are hazardous to health is an important consideration for all industrial premises. So, containment to prevent accidents to persons and the environment should feature in all the health and safety policies that use these products.

If you are storing large quantities of oil, you will be aware that on the 1st of September 2005, the final phase of the oil storage regulations came into force which stated that all oil containers that store 200 litres or more need to be stored on a bunded pallet, a drip tray or within a purpose built bunded storage unit.

Oil drum storage is therefore a necessity at all sites that use 205 litre storage drums. There are of lots of solutions to your drum storage problems but if you need to store large quantities of drums you can find bunded storage units available that can store a large number of drums safely.

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