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Bunded drum pallets and bunded IBC pallets

Industrial sites have to keep large numbers of drums and IBCs on site for their liquid storage needs. However, to comply with current legislation, preventative measures should be put in place in case a spill occurs from a drum or an IBC. And the best way to catch any leaking fluid is in a bunded spill pallet.

A bunded spill pallet is basically a secondary spill containment unit which is sited under the drum or IBC so if a spill occurs the liquid will be contained.

The spill pallet is usually designed to hold 110% of the liquid in the tank above the pallet, so even if all the liquid spills from the vessel, it will all be contained within the pallet. Some pallets also have a dispensing section incorporated into the vessel, so if any drips occur when the liquid is being dispensed they will be captured and not affect the surrounding environment.

Some drum bunds are capable of holding up to eight drums and some are also available with a cover, so can be stored outside.

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