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Bunded diesel storage and dispensing tanks

Bunded diesel tanks are the perfect choice if you need to store or dispense diesel. And, no matter what space you have at your industrial site, you will be able to find a diesel tank to suit. Even if the tank has to be customised to meet your requirements.

Steel bunded fuel tanks can store diesel and other types of fuel up to capacities of around 60,000 litres. Manufactured in accordance with the latest Oil Storage Regulations 2001, they also meet all current OFTEC standards and are perfect for large scale fuel dispensing and storage.

The bund in these steel storage containers is capable of storing fuel up to 110% the capacity of the tank, so they are perfectly capable of holding any type of leak. Large sized tanks are ideal for the refuelling of vehicles and machinery you may have on site and also for running generators in emergency power systems.

These type of tanks can be fitted with a range of different gauges, alarm systems, pumps and other accessories and include manhole access, lifting eyelets, box section stiffeners and have a large cabinet for any pumps or control systems needed.

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