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BP tries to restore reputation with new spill containment device

BP is still struggling to come to terms with the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the damage it has done to their reputation. And to try to boost public concern, have announced that the only employees that will receive bonuses in Q4 will be those whose performance on safety issues has been impeccable.

BP’s new emphasis on safety is part of their marketing drive to improve public feeling towards the company. And to bolster this they are going to lead a group of oil companies in the design and build of a spill containment device that can cap a well in the North Sea if a well blow out similar to Deepwater happened.

Previous bonus factors such as plant uptime and production volume will not be considered for Q4 bonuses. This means that the majority of employees who do receive a bonus will be employees based in operational roles.

BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley stated:

“The sole criterion for performance reward for our operating businesses in the fourth quarter of 2010 will be performance in safety, compliance, silent running and operational risk management and exhibiting and reinforcing the right behaviours consistent with these goals,

“For the longer term, we need to achieve all of our objectives in safety, compliance and risk management in conjunction with our operational, financial and functional objectives. We are now reviewing the appropriate measures to embed into our reward systems for the longer term.”

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