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BP takes responsibility for the clean up of the oil slick off the East coast of the USA

News has reached us that oil producer BP has taken absolute responsibility for the clean up operation after one of its oil wells exploded off the east coast of America earlier last month.

The company are not however taking responsibility for the accident that sank the rig and with US President Barak Obama stating

“BP is responsible for this leak. BP will be paying the bill,”

they need to take action quickly to avert an environmental disaster.

We brought you news last week regarding the spill. But with no end in sight to the huge amount of oil leaking from the bore hole and crews trying in vain to cap the leak. And now the wind direction potentially moving the slick from its current offshore position towards Florida, it looks like the impact will be worse than first feared.

Ships are currently using floating booms to contain the oil but with an estimated 5000 barrels leaking everyday it is a mammoth task. A oil containment vessel has also been sent to the site to ‘suck up’ the escaped oil and BP state they are drilling a new well to relive the pressure of the escaping oil. But the robots that are currently working on the broken safety valve need to have some success soon to stop the flow completely.

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