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BP search for a solution to oil leak as National Guard prepare

As BP still try to work out a solution to stem the oil flowing at a rate of 5000 barrels per day into the Gulf of Mexico, the Louisiana National Guard are taking steps to try to keep the slick from reaching areas of great ecological importance.

Attempts to lower a 98 tonne funnel over the leak at the weekend to control the leak failed. And BP are currently exploring other avenues to try to contain the leak including using a smaller domed structure. Meanwhile thousand of booms have been used to try to contain some of the spill and the National Guard have been helping to air lift absorbents and supplies to workers on the ground.

A huge makeshift barrier is also being created to try to stop the oil from coming into contact with fragile marshland on the Louisiana coastline. Troops are using heavy lifting equipment and helicopters to prevent the oil coming up an estuary.

Hopefully BP will be able to contain the leak over the coming days. Oil has been gushing out of the seabed since the 20th of April when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded killing eleven employees.

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