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Booms and flood barriers

The two common types of booms used for spill containment and collection are absorbent booms and containment booms.

Absorbent booms

Absorbent booms are commonly used to contain all types of fuel spills, whether on land or at sea. These booms come in many types such as marine booms, general purpose booms and gully socks. These types of booms can actually repel water and only soak up the fuel they are designed to collect. Because of this they are perfect to use in wet environments such as at sea or in rivers.

Containment booms

Containment booms provide an emergency barrier so that any spilled liquid does not gain access to a controlled area. They usually don’t soak up the spilled liquid but do stop it spreading. They can be joined together to create long barriers so can be used at sea to contain a spill, on a river to stop a spill moving downstream or on land to stop a spill in its tracks.

Flood barriers

Flood barriers are essentially spill containment booms but on a much larger scale. They are used on land and filled with water to create an effective seal against the floor to stop liquid passing underneath. They are available in many different sizes and widths.

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