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Bespoke spill kit solutions

Spill kits started life in a general format in which the kits available could be used on a variety of different spills. Over time it was recognised that specific kits for bespoke spill solutions were needed, hence the emergence in the market place of kits that can cope with different types of spills. Some spill kits are even produced with their direct aim of cleaning a spill from a certain machine or process.

Mini spill kits

In many spill situations at an industrial site there will only be a small amount of hazardous liquid spilled. In these instances a user may only need to use a small amount of absorbent material, so it may not warrant the opening a large spill kit to enable cleaning of the spill. Mini spill kits are the perfect type of spill kit to keep at hand at an industrial site. There is enough absorbent material in a mini spill kit to soak up around 10 litres of spilled fluid.

Forklift spill kits

Forklift trucks are notorious spill sites. Diesel or battery fluid are commonly spilt from these vehicles and due to the nature of their work, spills of liquids may occur from the packages or pallets they have to move around site. Because of this the forklift truck spill kit is a good spill kit to fit on every forklift truck you have. The forklift truck spill kit comes in a heavy duty carry bag which can be fixed to the forklift truck and contains enough absorbent materials to soak up around 12 litres of spilled liquid.

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