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Bench and wall mounted spill kits

Every manufacturing site is aware of the problems associated with hazardous liquid spills.

Most sites carry out risk assessments to assess the potential for a spill and to highlight necessary precautions which need to be taken. Because of this more and more manufacturing employees around the UK have now had some sort of spill awareness or training. But it shouldn’t stop there. Continued awareness about new spill products and solutions is also essential, which is why refresher training in these areas is always imperative.

Those sites which are well versed with the problems associated with spills should have different spill products available for their employees to use. Things such as absorbent granules, mats and pads should be made readily available. Plug rugs and drain covers should also be kept in stock. And spill containment units and bunded tanks should be used wherever possible to catch leaks or drips.

At sites where the potential for leaks is high, the use wall mounted or bench mounted spill kits is growing. When employees have easy access to the materials they need, they are more likely to use them. And when the spill products are easily available, they can be used quickly and efficiently minimising the spill damage potential.

Bench mounted spill kits can contain PPE such as gloves, rolls of absorbent material and even absorbent pads.

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