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Battery acid spill kits

With many warehouses now using a fleet of battery powered vehicles, such as forklift trucks, it becomes imperative to have the right equipment on standby in case battery acid is spilled.

Batteries need to be charged regularly and topped up frequently to make sure that they operate to their peak efficiency. Automation in warehouses and factories has led to an increased number of vehicles that have to be looked after, further increasing the chance of a spill.

Topping up the electrolyte level in a battery can be a hazardous task, so those individuals who are tasked with this should have all the appropriate equipment at hand to protect themselves and protect others.

A battery acid spill kit contains everything you will need to cope with a battery acid spill. Part of the kit contains equipment designed to contain the spill, whereas other components in the kit are designed to neutralise the acid.

The benefits of battery acid spill kits include:

• When neutralisation is complete, the solution colour changes giving positive neutralisation indication

• When treated, the acid is environmentally safe so it can be washed into the foul sewer system

• Decontamination of the area is done quickly and effectively

• Kits contain goggles, gloves and instructions on use.

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