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Battereezy HT

Battereezy HT


According to the Health and Safety Executive, sulphuric acid is the most widely used acid within the industrial sector in the UK. All warehouses in the UK and abroad, as well as many Port Authorites and airports, will use some kind of lead battery or electric vehicle containing sulphuric acid.

In the event of a spill, many of these work environments will have an adequate neutraliser for cleaning up any spill of sulphuric acid, but once a hazardous spill has been contained, many will be left with a costly hazardous waste bill for disposing of the contaminated absorbents. So at Yellow Shield we have opted to introduce a new absorbent granule into our range of products to tackle this issue directly.

Battereezy HT has been specifically fomulated for the sole purpose of neutralising potentially hazardous spills of sulphuric acid. Usually, these types of spills would be dealt with using a chemical neutralisation agent that would have to be disposed of as hazardous waste due to legal requirements. But with Battereezy HT, this costly endeavour is now a thing of the past. Using a strong alkali compound, the abosrbent granules neutralise the sulphuric acid to a safe ph level of 7, meaning that the soiled granules are then safe to be disposed of as general waste.

Many industrial workplaces would benefit from the use of such a low cost and effective neutralising agent, which enables the user to efficiently clean up a sulphuric acid spill with the minimum amount of effort. Utilising a dark colour indicator to illustrate when the effervescent reaction has finished and available in two different sized polyethylene buckets, Battereezy HT is a simple product, offering a simple solution to a potentially costly problem.

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