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Basic oil storage tank features

Oil storage tanks are frequently used at industrial and commercial establishments. They are also however used in some domestic and agricultural establishments to provide a storage facility for heating oil.

What type of oil tank do I need?

There are a wide range of oil tanks currently available, with many bespoke solutions suitable for specific applications. However, the main point to consider when buying an oil storage tank is whether it will need to have a bund.

In some situations, as dictated by the Oil Storage Regulations 2001, some oil tanks will need to have a double skin, or bund, so that if the inner tank fails the contents can ‘leak’ into the outer skin and hence not affect the surrounding environment. The bund in a fuel tank is generally around 110% the size of the inner capacity, so all spilled contents can be contained.

Oil storage tanks are generally made from either steel or plastic, with polyethylene being the most cost-effective solution. Most types of these tanks also come with a 10 year guarantee and are supplied with moulded-in fittings so the potential for leaks is minimised.

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