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Barbourne firm found guilty of oil spill

A firm in Barbourne has been told by Worcester Magistrate’s Court that it will have to pay a fine of £12,000 and costs of £5,563 after it was found guilty of polluting a brook in Gheluvelt park, Worcester.

Mark Group Limited of Leicester pleaded guilty to the charges of polluting Barbourne Brook on the 17th of November 2008.

The Environment Agency received information on the 14th of November 2008 about oil being present in the brook. Upon investigation, they traced the oil to an outflow near the premises of Mark Group Ltd. Environment Agency officers discovered staining in the yard and on the road suggesting someone had tried to clean up an oil spill. Three gullies in the road also contained a large amount of oil.

Mark Group claimed that the oil was spilled when a redundant oil tank was dropped. There was unfortunately no spill clean-up equipment or absorbents on the industrial site.

The escaped oil polluted Barbourne Brook before finding its way to the River Severn. Swans and ducks in Gheluvelt park had to be treated for oil contamination due to the spill.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency stated:

“This company failed to fulfil some pretty basic environmental responsibilities, resulting in the serious oiling of some wildfowl. Companies who do not train or supervise their staff properly will be held to account for any pollution they cause. If the company had made sure these oil tanks were properly handled this whole incident could have been avoided. Companies are legally obliged to check that all wastes they produce are passed to a Registered Waste Carrier. They can check this online at”

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