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Automated machines and battery acid spill kits

Many industrial sites are now highly automated. And automatic guided vehicles that follow a PLC controlled program are becoming more common all the time. These vehicles commonly use banks of batteries as a power source and sit at recharging points when not in use.

Automation in factories has simplified many processes and meant that speed of manufacturing has increased. However because of this, health and safety has increased also.

Having autonomous machines in a factory environment is becoming commonplace. And even though these machines can perform their duties with little supervision, they still need some maintenance themselves. And one such maintenance activity that should be done on a regular basis is checking whether the batteries are topped up so the electrolyte fluid is at the right level.

The problem of performing this activity is there is the potential for a battery acid spill. That is why a battery acid spill kit should be made readily available to employees who have to perform the maintenance duties on battery operated automated machines.

It should also be noted that battery acid spill kits can also be kept near the charging area of other machines that use batteries, such as forklift trucks, in case an accident or spill occurs.

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