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Application specific spill kits

Many industrial facilities have procedures in place to cope with a hazardous liquid spill. Staff may have been trained to cope with a spill and a spill kit may be available to deal with a spill should one occur. However, what happens if the spill occurs and the spill kit is located at the other side of the factory?

One of the most important considerations in a spill response plan is the time it takes to gain control of a spillage. If your spill kit is located at a different part of the plant, there is no question that the spill response time will be delayed and the effects of a spill will be much worse.

Many factories around the UK are dealing with this problem by having application specific spill kits located at designated points around the facility, so employees can access a spill kit as soon as possible when required. Some spill kits, such as those that are capable of cleaning up fuel spills, are even located on the equipment where the spill is likely to occur, reducing the spill response time to only seconds upon being noticed.

Like any response to an unplanned incident, the preparation you put in will play a vital role to the response time to the incident. But, if you have the right spill kits located in the right areas of your plant, you will reduce response time and lessen the impact of any spill that may occur.

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