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Alberta oil spill causes concern

An oil spill from a pipeline in Alberta, Canada, is one of the biggest spills the region has seen in over thirty five years, say company officials.

The Plains Midstream Canada Rainbow pipeline transports oil from Zama in the north of Alberta to the state capital Edmonton. Approximately 28,000 barrels of oil have been released at the spill site, which is around 60 miles north east of Peace River. Most of the oil has now been contained using various spill control methods including absorbent booms. A small amount of oil has however found its way into a wetland reserve near the spill site.

As yet the cause of the spill is not known, but repairs have now taken place and the oil is no longer leaking.

The pipeline carries over 180,000 barrels of oil every day to Edmonton and is owned by Plains All American. The pipeline was built in the mid sixties and this spill is only the second time a spill of this magnitude has occurred. The clean-up operation has been hampered by wildfires in the region with local residents and spill team members evacuated from the area.

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