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Adequate de-icing equipment is essential at every business premises

Many sites now realise the importance to being prepared if a spill of a hazardous waste product were to occur. But when the weather gets colder and conditions turn icy, new challenges concerning effective spill containment and control have to be met.

When the winter is at its worst, freezing temperatures can cause hazardous conditions at untreated areas, such as loading bays or outside storage bays. This can have a detrimental effect on health and safety at site, so in many instances extra maintenance measures will have to be put into place so that employees and equipment stay safe at all times.

The last few UK winters have been particularly harsh, but to the positive this has meant that suppliers of de-icing equipment have a wider range of stock available. Some of the things which might be appropriate for your site include:

• Industrial salt spreaders

• Industrial grit bins

• A large supply of rock salt or other gritting material

• Snow shovels

• Salt or grit hoppers

Having the right equipment is really important in bad weather, but if you are prepared you will protect your employees and reduce the chances of an accident happening.

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