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Acid spill at dairy in Somerset

The fire brigade and ambulance crews were called to Robert Wiseman Dairy’s in North Petherton last Thursday night after reports of an acid leak.

The diary, in Somerset, is one of the largest in the county and processes thousands of litres of milk every day. Upon arrival the crews found that acid had leaked from a pipe and injured two members of staff. The staff members had to be taken to hospital by the paramedics after one suffered burns to their face and another member of staff suffered leg injuries.

An investigation is underway to find out how the incident happened. The communications director at the dairy, Graeme Jack, said the workers had:

"unintentional contact with a fluid used to clean pipes".

"Both members of staff were attended by on-site first aiders and paramedics and admitted to hospital on a precautionary basis,

"They have now been discharged from hospital and are expected to make a full and quick recovery."

Spill control

Acid spills can be particularly hazardous. However, there are ways of making sure that you are prepared if you have an acid spill at your industrial site. You can buy acid neutralising powder from spill control specialists which when used renders the acid harmless so it can be easily disposed of.

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