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Acid leak on A44 requires full spill response

An acid leak from a truck carrying batteries caused an injury to the driver when he noticed liquid leaking from his load.

The lorry driver was travelling on the A44 near Twyford when the spill occurred. He was carrying supposedly empty car batteries to be recycled. After noticing liquid leaking from his truck, he realised that the liquid from the batteries was on his hands, realising it was acid he phoned 999.

The environmental protection unit from Stourport attended the scene alongside fire engines from Evesham and Pershore and an incident support unit from Droitwich. The Trusts Hazardous Area Response Team was also called to assess the leak and the damage caused.

An area of 25 metres was cordoned off and drain covers placed over storm drains to stop any potential spill into local water courses. Firefighters wore gas-tight suits to assess the situation before leaving their removal to the hazardous response team.

Gary Jay, Station Commander from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, stated:

"Sensibly, the driver called for help as soon as he realised he had battery acid on his hands and a spill in the truck."

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