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Accident forces BP to remove spill containment cap in the Gulf of Mexico

An accident involving a submersible has meant the oil giant BP had to remove the spill containment cap that was fixed onto the leaking blowout preventer in the Gulf of Mexico.

On Wednesday, a robotic submersible bumped into a venting system that carried warm water down to the cap to prevent ice crystals forming. BP has now refitted the cap, but it was removed for most of the day on Wednesday, meaning as much as 60,000 barrels of crude oil may have leaked into the Gulf.

As a result of the submersible accident, gas had risen up through the venting system and was detected by crews working on the leak. As a precaution, the cap was removed for repairs to take place.

The huge oil slick in the Gulf continues to get worse, with oil closing fishing grounds and killing a vast number of marine animals such as turtles and dolphins. Oil is now washing up on Pensacola beach in Florida and the problem seems further away than ever from being resolved.

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