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Absorbents- ideal for cleaning up all types of spills

Spills generally can’t be avoided, which is why it is advisable to take precautionary measures. Spills can vary widely in terms of the substance that is involved, where it has been spilled and the size of the spill.

Absorbents are the ideal solution for dealing with many types of spills.

Absorbents are available in three main types- oil, chemical and universal. For easy selection, absorbents are often colour coded i.e. white for oil, yellow for chemical and gray for universal.

You should get oil absorbents if you are dealing with oils and hydrocarbons. Chemical absorbents are right for you if you transport or store hazardous materials. Universal absorbents are suitable for many different types of non hazardous spills.

Absorbents are available in different forms which are suitable for small spills as well as large spills. You can easily clean up small spills with a few sheets or pads of an absorbent roll, but for larger spills you will need a bigger absorbent.

Absorbents can handle many types of spills, it is just very important that you get the right absorbent for the specific situation.

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