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Absorbent socks, pads and pillows

If you work in heavy industry you will realise the importance of having the right spill cleanup materials at hand. Oil spills from machinery are quite commonplace in an industrial environment and they can present a hazard to members of staff if not dealt with properly.

Newer mechanical components may be resistant to oil spills but older equipment may not be so good at keeping their contents confined within their metal casings.

Oil spill socks and pads can be used to great effect to mop up spills from machinery in an industrial environment. The socks can be used as a temporary barrier to stop the patch of oil spreading and pads can be used to soak up the contents of the spill.

When the above absorbents are used in conjunction with absorbent pillows and granules you can have a comprehensive oil spill cleanup package at your disposal.

Because all these products are available in easy to access spill stations and in spill dispensers, they can be located at various points around your industrial site so they are readily available for your employees to use.

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