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Absorbent socks- ideal for hard to reach spills

Nowadays, many businesses deal with liquids on a daily basis- and even liquids which aren’t deemed hazardous can still pose a threat to health and safety.

Whatever the sector of a business, workplace health and safety regulations need to be strictly followed at all times, and failure to do so could prove both disastrous and costly.

So that any spills can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently, businesses should ensure that they have the relevant spill control products to hand. These products are available in a wide variety of different types nowadays, which are suitable for a range of needs.

Absorbent socks are the absorbent of choice for many businesses- especially for those where any potential spills may be a little tricky to reach.

Unlike other types of absorbents, absorbent socks can be used as a barrier which not only helps to prevent spills from spreading, but also helps to eliminate them.

These absorbents are available in general purpose, chemical and oil varieties- which makes them suitable for tackling a wide range of different liquids.

Stop struggling with hard to reach spills- invest in absorbent socks.

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