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Absorbent socks and pads

One of the best ways to clean up spills is by using appropriate absorbent materials, as can be seen by their extensive use at the recent highly publicised oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico. Absorbent materials can come in many types that can absorb and hence clean up spills or leaks from substances such as fuel oils and dangerous chemicals.

Absorbent socks

Absorbent socks are a great way to reduce the spread of a spill whilst at the same time containing the spill so it can be treated more effectively. Absorbent socks are available in chemical, general or oil absorbent types and are really quick and effective to use.

Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads are available in different weights and can absorb different types of spills dependant on the pad used. General absorbent pads are perfect for cleaning spills such as fuels, oils and solvents and also mild chemicals, whereas chemical absorbent pads are specifically made to absorb acids, oils, caustics and petrol. They are fast acting and a suitable pad to use to clean up unidentified spills.

Having absorbent pads and socks on hand at your industrial facility is really important, as prompt action if a spill occurs can greatly reduce the financial and environmental impact.

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