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Absorbent rolls and absorbent roll dispensers

If you use liquids at your industrial site, you will need a quick way to mop up spills or leaks. Any equipment that uses oil, such as rotating machinery, needs this liquid to lubricate its moving parts. The unfortunate downside of this is that oil and the machines that use oil, can be rather messy.

To improve health and safety on site, you need a spill clean-up method that is easily at hand. And to fulfil this requirement you can use absorbent rolls. Absorbent rolls are extremely versatile and can be used at countless different locations within your workplace. The long continuous roll can be mounted to the wall in made to measure dispensers and can thus be used as and when required.

Because absorbent rolls come in a continuous length, they can be ripped off to the exact quantity you need, allowing clean-up of a wide range of spill sizes. The dispensers can be positioned in areas of increased risk of spill and hence health and safety at your site can be improved.

Absorbent rolls can be bought specifically to cope with general spills or chemical spills. And because they are heat bonded, they will not separate when in use and will remain intact no matter how wet they get.

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