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Absorbent pillows – economical and versatile solutions for cleaning spills

When your business deals with oils and hazardous chemicals it is essential to have the right spill kit in place to avoid their dangerous consequences. Spill kits come in many different types, and as different types of spill kits are available, it is important to choose the right one to suit your requirements.

Absorbent pillows are popular with many businesses, as they are great at absorbing liquids. They are neat small packages which are small enough to get into small places such as under radiators. These absorbents can easily absorb an impressive amount of fluid from a spill or leak. Absorbent pillows come in three major varieties, which are oil only, chemical and general.

Oil only:

Oil only absorbent pillows are excellent options for situations where you are required to be prepared for spills from hydrocarbons or oil. They are ideal for places such as waste troughs, coolant tanks, fluid reservoirs and sump wells.


General absorbent pillows are ideal for absorbing leaked fluids and spills. They are generally filled with polypropylene, which is very absorbent and quickly cleans up most spills. They can easily absorb many types of fluids, so are great for non hazardous spills.


Chemical absorbent pillows are ideal for clearing up hazardous substances quickly and efficiently.

So, you can easily choose an absorbent pillow depending on your requirements.

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