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Absorbent pads play an important role in cleaning up spills

Oil and chemical spills can be very dangerous if they’re not cleaned up quickly. These liquids are often difficult to control and can cause injuries to the people around them.

If spills take place regularly in your business, you need to get some form of spill kit for clearing up any mess as soon as possible.

When buying, you will see that spill kits have absorbents in them, which help in absorbing liquids. These absorbents are available in various types such as pads, rolls, socks and pillows. Out of all of them, absorbent pads are commonly used by many people, as they are effective to clean enough in cleaning large sized spills.

Before buying absorbent pads, you need to know that they come in main two types, which are general purpose and oil only pads.

General purpose absorbent pads

These are used by many people, as they help to clean up various different fluids. General purpose pads are also used for daily maintenance, as they are also effective for water based fluids.

Oil absorbent pads

Unlike general purpose pads, oil only absorbent pads repel water which means that they can be used for absorbing oil from water.

You should also invest in protective goggles, masks and gloves to maintain high level of safety when cleaning.

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