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Absorbent booms - ideal solutions for cleaning large amounts of chemicals or oils

Do you ever need to clean up oil or another type of hazardous liquid? Are you afraid that you may have to face an oil spill in the future? If yes, then absorbent booms may be the answer. Basically, there are two types of absorbent booms to select from: chemical hazmat booms and oil absorbent booms. If the liquid is hazardous then opt for chemical hazmat booms. If the liquid is mainly hydrocarbon based then get oil absorbent booms.

Unlike the non-absorbent booms that are mostly used for containing liquid and keeping it from spreading, absorbent booms are specially designed to do what their name suggests: absorb liquids. In order to do so, absorbent booms generally comprise a poly skin and a strong mesh outer sleeve that is stuffed with polypropylene. The filter is highly absorbent, which will not shed. Moreover, the absorbent booms will not sink even when they are saturated with oil.

If there is a large quantity of oil to be cleaned up, you will need multiple booms that can be easily linked together. Specifically, absorbent booms can be clipped together with a connector, which is made from carbon steel. They usually come with steel hardware and a nylon rope as well.

The nylon rope and the steel hardware make sure that they are sturdy and easy to retrieve. If there is a spill that expands over a large area, you can connect as many absorbent booms as you require. Thus, absorbent booms are perfect solutions for cleaning huge amount of oils or chemicals.

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