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Absorbent booms and socks

Many people will be familiar with booms such as those used recently at the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The booms used there were primarily spill containment booms and were used to keep the oil on the water surface from reaching landfall. There is also another type of boom that is used just as frequently however called the absorbent boom.

Absorbent booms are similar in shape to containment booms, but where containment booms primary objective is to contain spilled liquid, absorbent booms are used to soak the liquid up. Most absorbent booms are water repellent and will only attract hydrocarbons such as oil. Hence they are perfect to use on large bodies of water to clean up spills.

Marine booms can also be tied together to create a long length of absorbent material which makes ‘scraping’ the surface of a large body of water easy.

General purpose land booms are excellent at containing and soaking up spills in factories and industrial establishments. And drain gully socks are the perfect absorbent to use to remove spilled liquids that may have found their way into local drains.

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