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Absorbent basics

There are a wide range of different absorbent products available nowadays, which are suitable for absorbing spills of many different types.

Absorbent pads

A general purpose type of absorbent, the absorbent pad can be used in just about any application. The pads are available in types suitable of soaking up spills of a general nature, a chemical nature or a fuel or oil based nature.

Absorbent socks

Absorbent socks don’t just soak up a spilled liquid, they can also be used in situations where you need to provide a barrier against the liquid running to a controlled area. Absorbent socks are quick to deploy and have large absorption capacities.

Absorbent pillows

Absorbent pillows can soak up large quantities of spilled liquids and are a great solution when you need to control a spill in an awkward or tight space. The pillow can easily absorb pooled liquid and is available in chemical, general purpose and oil absorbing types.

Absorbent granules

Absorbent granules are the most cost-effective absorbent material, as you only need to use the exact quantity to soak up the spill. Heavyweight absorbent granules can be used outdoors where standard absorbent granules might fail to cope with prevailing weather conditions.

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