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Workshop storage and containers

Every industrial site needs to have a storage system in place, whether for storing simple things like a person’s possessions or whether for storing spare parts or equipment.

Workshop cupboards

Workshop cupboards are a necessity in any workplace. The cupboards can be used for a myriad of purposes including the storage of files or folders, commonly used spare parts or even a worker’s tools.

Boltless racking

Shelving comes in many forms, but industrial shelving has to be strong and durable and take the frequent knocks that it would see on a regular basis. Shelves are usually made from reinforced steel and can be simply clipped in place if you use a boltless racking system. For rigidity purposes the shelves they are usually fitted with pre-drilled feet so that a user can securely fix them to the floor.

Safety cabinets

A cut above a normal workshop storage cabinet is a safety or hazardous liquid storage cabinet. These types of storage cabinets are colour coded depending on what can be stored inside them and many feature bunded spaces at the lowest point in the cabinet, so if a liquid were to leak it would be safely contained.

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