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Workplace de-icing equipment

This year, most of the UK has not yet seen the harsh weather conditions witnessed over the last two years. However, it is not yet February and it is not uncommon for hazardous conditions to strike over the coming months.

When a cold snap takes hold, snow and ice can make working conditions hazardous for those who have to work in an outdoor environment. And if not dealt with hazards such as snow and ice can cause serious problems for the workforce.

All employees should be provided with a safe environment in which to work, but ice and snow can compromise this safety. This is why it is important to have enough de-icing equipment at your disposal to deal with the icy conditions when needed.

Bags of grit, snow shovels, grit spreading hoppers and grit storage containers are all things which need to be kept at a site where workers may have to work outdoors. And even if the stock you have is not used this year, there’s always next year to think about and these items can be used year-on-year to make the workplace a safer place to be.

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