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The different types of absorbent spill control solutions

There is a range of different types of absorbent materials and products available to keep at the ready at your industrial site, enabling the quick and efficient clean up of a spilled solution. Some of these include:

Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads are a quick and effective way to clean up a spill, they are available in general purpose, oil and chemical types and their ease of use makes them extremely popular among users.

Absorbent socks

Absorbent socks are a good spill control and clean up solution when you need to stop the spill area spreading. Their shape and design means that they can be deployed quickly and easily and they too are available in types that can contain general spills, oil spills or chemical sills. Absorbent socks are also available in different lengths for user specific applications.

Absorbent granules

Absorbent granules are a cost-effective type of absorbent material, as only the needed amount of absorbent has to be used to clean up a spill. Clay absorbent granules work effectively outside, as their mass stops them from being dispersed by the wind.

Absorbent rolls

Absorbent rolls can be kept in a roll holder near sites that are likely to see a spill. This makes them an excellent choice when spill response has to be quick. Some rolls are perforated, so the sheets can be torn off as and when needed.

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