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The advantages of different types of degreasing agents

Spill kits are an efficient and exceptionally effective method of cleaning up spills in any scenario. There is a spill kit available for any type of spilled liquid, whether that is oil, chemical or general spills, which can contain and clean up the spill. There are some circumstances though when the area contaminated by the spill will require further remedial work to make it safe and ensure that it isn’t a slip hazard for employees. In situations such as these a degreasing product may be needed to bring the area back to safe operating standards.

Types of Degreasing Agents:

Oil Degreaser


Ideal for light-medium use, the oil degreaser is suitable for removing oil residues from any type of surface, including plant equipment, machinery, walls, floors and drainage systems. The oil degreaser is a water based solution with a bioremediation constituent that allows for oily soils to be broken down once the cleanup is complete. Not only is this an environmental benefit, it also means that the waste can be suitably discharged into an oil/water separator.

Oil Degreaser for Tarmac, Asphalt or Concrete

The Tarmac and Asphalt Cleaner is specific for cleaning and removing oil from tarmac, asphalt and concrete and is notably useful for application in sensitive areas. It provides efficient and effectual removal of oil or fuel from concrete or asphalt and being an aqueous solution it can be discharged directly into an oil-water separator without any detrimental effects.

Heavy Duty Oil Degreaser

The Heavy Duty Oil Degreaser is ideal for cleaning surfaces that have been heavily soiled by oil, fuels, chemicals or old carbonised fuel settlings. It can be used for cleaning up plant, equipment, walls and floors and as a solvent based degreaser it is specially formulated for quickly breaking up stubborn stains. It is not however, suitable for use on asphalt and tarmac surfaces.

Floor Degreaser for Machine Application

Ride-on floor cleaners are another method for cleaning soiled floors. They can be incorporated into a weekly or daily schedule of cleaning and provide an efficient method of keeping large working spaces clean and safe. The floor degreaser for machine application is a non-caustic, alkaline solution with low foam properties that is suitable for use with floor cleaning machines.



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