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Steel fuel bowsers

If you need to dispense fuel at your industrial site, you need a bunded fuel tank that can take care of all your fuel storage and usage needs.

Steel fuel bowsers are made in accordance with the latest Oil Storage Regulations 2001 and come in many different sizes. They can be used for refuelling your vehicles, as a secondary tank for generators or even for storage of fuels such as diesel, paraffin or kerosene.

Steel bowsers are available in capacity sizes up to 1,400 litres and have a bund capacity of 110%, so if the inner tank fails the contents of the bowser will be contained. Most come with a lockable cabinet where the pump can be housed and some can be customised, so you can choose the type of pump you want and the control equipment that fits your specific application.

In some situations, you may need a bespoke steel bowser design to meet application needs. This can also be catered for by specialist fuel tank suppliers.

All steel bowsers should now be manufactured to OFTEC standard OFS T200.

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