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Spill pallets and spill sumps

Industries that use oil drums have to pay careful attention to the way they store their drums in case there is a spillage of liquid. Liquid stored in drums can be hazardous to health and the environment and hence provisions must be made to keep both employees safe and stop environmental damage. A good spill control device to use in these situations is called a spill pallet or sometimes a sump pallet. If you use spill or sump pallets under your drums, any liquid can be carefully contained.

A spill pallet will catch any drips or leaks from drums, and because the pallet has a capacity which is usually in excess of the volume capacity of the drums stored, even if the entire contents of the drum spill they can be carefully contained.

Drum pallets can be purchased in a wide range of sizes, suitable for differing amounts of drums. Most are now made of durable and chemical resistant polyethylene and have forklift pockets underneath so they can be transported from location to location easily.

Spill pallets are also available that can hold IBCs, so the contents of these liquid storage devices can also be protected from spillage situations.

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