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Spill kits for specific applications

Many sites have now realised the importance of having spill control procedures in place should a spill of any kind occur. Some sites even have spill kits available at appropriate locations to cope with a spill. However, it’s normally the case that the spill kit a site may own will only be sufficient at coping with a spill of a certain volume of liquid. For this reason, many spill kit manufacturers have now developed a range of application specific spill kits.

Forklift truck spill kits

Forklift truck spill kits can be fitted to any every forklift truck you have on site. They have a 12 litre liquid absorption capacity. The kits can also be used outdoors as they will not be saturated by rain, and the adhesive backing on the kit can be used to attach them securely to the vehicle.

Vehicle spill kits

A vehicle spill kit comes in an easy to handle carry bag and is suitable for use on any HGV, truck, van or even car. The kit contains everything you need to absorb a spill from the vehicle itself and can also be used to cope with a spill from the goods carried by the vehicle. It has a 28 litre absorption capacity.

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