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Spill Absorbents

If you are the health and safety rep at an industrial site, you may need to be aware of the different types of absorbent materials available if you need to clean up a spill.

Absorbents come in many different types to cope with many different types of spills. From oil spills to spills of a chemical nature, there is an absorbent material that can be used to mop it up. Some absorbent materials can also repel water, so can be used at sea or in rivers and streams. These absorbents will only attract the spilled substance such as oil and hence will not become waterlogged reducing their effectiveness.

Absorbents come in types including:

• Absorbent pads

• Absorbent socks

• Absorbent pillows

• Absorbent granules

• Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads come in an array of sizes and are perfect to keep at various locations on site where there may be a spill. The pads usually come in easy to dispense boxes, so a single sheet can be taken as and when needed to mop up even the smallest spill.

The type of pads you choose will depend on the substance you are most likely to spill. You can get general absorbent pads, chemical absorbent pads and oil absorbent pads. They also come in different absorption capacities. Check the absorption volume per pad before you buy.

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